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Grace Family Opens Their Doors for Over 30 Christmas Eve Services

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Tampa Bay Prepares for Christmas

Christmas At Grace

Family photo at Grace Family Church

Lead Pastor Craig Altman and Grace Family Church would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone looking to attend a local Christmas Eve service. Grace Family plans to host 31 Christmas Eve services, available to all families across Tampa Bay at seven different convenient locations. These services are designed to bring families together across all ages and tell the story of Christmas and that monumental day.

The long-standing tradition of neighbors coming together during the holiday season is emphasized by Craig Altman, "For 29 years, Tampa residents have found a place to celebrate Christmas. We're delighted to open our doors and invite families to experience a Candlelight Service. The Candlelight event is a beautiful way to reflect on the meaning of Christmas and to start the new year on a positive note."

Grace Family Church is a spiritual base for so many families in Tampa. It is committed to making Christmas accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their location within the Tampa Bay area.

For additional details on the Christmas Eve service times and locations, interested families are encouraged to visit The site offers all information about the services and is a resource for families, whether this is your first time or your hundredth time at Grace Family. 

Contact Information:
Melissa Vicinanza
[email protected]
(813) 265-4151

Original Source: Grace Family Opens Their Doors for Over 30 Christmas Eve Services
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