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Ideate Labs Gives Boost to Aspiring Career-Changers With Exclusive 4-Month ‘MBA’ UX Design Course

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The Personalized Course Offers In-Depth Instruction for New Grads, Gig Workers and Others Trying to Break Into the Competitive Field of Modern UX Design

Ideate Labs, a leader in online UI/UX design courses and mentorships, is proud to offer women, minorities, and POC the education and insight they need to open up doors in the in-demand field of digital design. To ensure everyone gets the right level of support, Ideate Labs is offering a four-month-long MBA-inspired UX design course that helps students unleash their potential in the most impactful way possible. 

Ideate Lab’s exclusive four-month course is personalized to the needs of each student, with features that include a one-on-one mentorship with an established UX design pro and intimate classes that can be done part-time and at a student’s own pace. 

Unlike many similar courses online, Ideate Lab’s UX design course isn’t intended to be a one-size-fits-all learning experience. Instead, the four-month masterclass is geared toward individuals who are disenfranchised in the field or are struggling to get their foot in the door, in particular women and those who don’t have the budget or time to devote to other intensive UX design courses. 

The Ideate Labs “MBA” course is 2-3x less expensive than comparable courses and does not require a full-time commitment from students. Enrollees get personalized, hour-long design therapy sessions every week with an assigned mentor, as well as interactive lectures, peer-led discussion groups, and weekly design critiques. Also included is lifelong access to the Ideate Labs community, which includes group career coaching and alumni support. 

Rather than pack a ton of information into a short period of time, the four-month UX design course lets students take their time mastering digital design and building their portfolio and resume. Students are encouraged to do about five to 10 hours of active study time per week, which allows time for part- or full-time jobs and family responsibilities. Supplemental features like custom three-month career blueprints ensure that everyone has a clear path that they can follow to a six-figure job upon graduation. 

So what’s the end goal? Aside from a high-paying job in UI or UX design (Ideate Labs graduates increase their salaries by 1.8x on average), Ideate Labs is dedicated to helping all students achieve great things in their careers and offers a curriculum that prepares individuals for senior and management-level UX jobs. Among Ideate Labs graduates are current leaders in UX research and UX design across Reddit, PNC, Capital One, BYN Mellon, CVS, Truist, Keller Williams, GE Aviation, and more. With the right team and project management, there's no limit to how far students can take their Ideate Labs education. 

Ideate Labs, women-run and women-founded, caters to all individuals in the UX space. Learn more today, and reserve your spot by Feb. 8, 2024, to participate in the upcoming Ideate Labs UX Design “MBA” course. Early-bird pricing is available through Feb. 1, with an official course kick-off date of Feb. 11. 

In addition to securing a spot in the upcoming UX design course, enrollees will also receive free access to Ideate Lab’s bestselling UX Resume & Portfolio Course ($790), Create a Career in UX Design ebook ($150), and a complimentary resume review ($150). 

Your future in UI and UX design starts at Ideate Labs. Visit today to see all current course offerings and take that first all-important step toward a fulfilling career in advanced digital design. 

About Ideate Labs

Ideate Labs is an accessibility-driven enterprise focused on elevating women, minorities, and POC in the world of UI and UX design. Founded by Khyrstyna Oros and Samaya Sinha, Ideate Labs offers dedicated design courses, mentorships, bootcamps, and more to aspiring UX designers, with personalized coaching that ensures most Ideate Labs graduates land a six-figure UX job in seven months or less.

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