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Jagoda Awakens: The AI Revolution in Homework Assistance, Explaining and Solving With Adaptation for Every Student

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Jagoda AI Tutor: Covering 30+ Subjects in 20+ Languages, Offers Quick Worksheet Processing to Enhance Learning. Launching February 1, 2024., an innovator in artificial intelligence, proudly announces the launch of Jagoda, the personal AI tutor designed to make quality education support accessible to all students. Jagoda is a technological marvel, offering tailored homework assistance and enhancing students' understanding of their studies.

Jurica Romic, CEO of, explains, 
"Our goal was to develop a personal tutor that's more affordable than a monthly Netflix subscription, making it accessible to everyone. Many students can't afford private tutoring, and Jagoda addresses this gap.
Our mission is to provide students with an AI that supports them in explaining and solving homework tasks."

Jagoda's capabilities are unmatched, addressing over 30 academic subjects, with a particular strength in languages and mathematics. It's a multilingual tutor, offering translation services in over 20 languages, and it promotes an engaging learning environment by encouraging students to probe further with questions.

Key Facts:

  • Jagoda processes and explains worksheets within two minutes.
  • The AI has been trained with unique datasets, ensuring superior performance.
  • It is equipped to understand both text and image inputs

"Education is evolving, and Jagoda is at the forefront of this transformation," added Romic. "By personalizing the learning experience, we're not just solving homework; we're building confidence, enhancing knowledge, and preparing students for a brighter future."

Jagoda will be accessible to students starting February 1, 2024, marking a new era in accessible, personalized education. For a closer look at what Jagoda can do, visit

About is at the forefront of AI tool development, with being its flagship product in the educational sector. The company specializes in creating AI solutions that are not only innovative but also practical, empowering users in various fields.'s dedication to improving educational outcomes has led to the assembly of an elite team committed to developing tools that adapt to and meet the needs of modern learners.

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Original Source: Jagoda Awakens: The AI Revolution in Homework Assistance, Explaining and Solving With Adaptation for Every Student
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