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MindPlay Awarded Research-Based Design for Instructional Learning Products Product Certification

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Product Certification Provides Transparency to Edtech Marketplace

MindPlay Reading has earned the Research-Based Design for Instructional Learning Products: Product Certification from Digital Promise. This Product Certification serves as a rigorous, reliable signal for district and school leaders, educators, and families looking for edtech products with a confirmed basis in research about learning.

MindPlay submitted evidence to Digital Promise confirming a link between research on how students learn and the product's design. MindPlay also demonstrated their commitment to making their research basis clear and accessible to the public.

"MindPlay's mission is to unlock student success. Research provides us proof our products make a difference for the students we serve. We are thrilled to reaffirm that MindPlay Reading unlocks student success!" - Robert Sommers, Ph.D. - Chief Academic Officer

Through Product Certifications, consumers can narrow their options as they select products based on research about learning before trying it out in their classrooms. Digital Promise launched the Research-Based Design Product Certification in February 2020 and has certified over 70 products to date.

The Research-Based Design Product Certification uses a competency-based learning framework, developed in consultation with Digital Promise's Learner Variability Project advisory board, expert researchers in the Learning Sciences field, and nearly 50 educators across the United States. Further detail about its development can be found in Digital Promise's reports, Designing Edtech that Matters for Learning: Research-Based Design Product Certifications (2020) and An Overlooked Indicator of Edtech Quality: The Use of Learning Sciences Research (2022).

"More than 8,000 products are used in K-12 schools and fewer than 1 percent have earned this recognition," said Rachel Schechter, Ph.D., Learning Experience Design (LXD) Research, who helped advise MindPlay in preparing the application. 

All developers, educators, edtech investors, and families are also encouraged to sign the Research-Based Product Promise and demand high-quality, research-driven products that support each unique learner. More information on Digital Promise's Product Certifications can be found at

For more information about MindPlay Education's resources and services, visit, and stay connected with MindPlay Education on social media through Facebook and LinkedIn.

About MindPlay Education

MindPlay Education is a solutions-based partner with an intentional, continuous, and impactful four-step approach: We Discover, Engage, Scaffold, and Analyze learning outcomes to empower each student to unlock their individual success. MindPlay programs have found success in districts and schools with diverse student populations. Our programs deliver content to students with different learning styles, identify and adapt to a student's individual needs, address learning gaps, and are mastery-based, no matter the age or background. When used with fidelity, our students find success.

About LXD Research

Learning Experience Design Research is an independent evaluation and research firm within Charles River Media Group focusing on educational programs. We specialize in research communication, efficacy study validation, and the design and execution of ESSA-aligned research studies. Visit

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Original Source: MindPlay Awarded Research-Based Design for Instructional Learning Products Product Certification
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