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NAACP Excellence in Teaching Award Winner Andee Nunn Releases Memoir, ‘Magic in Room 216’, on Cyber Monday

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Profound Education and Inspirational Life Journey Enshrines Era of Inclusion

Teachers, among the most important figures in society, rarely tell all. But after more than 40 years of teaching and reaching over 4,000 students, Andee Nunn felt a calling to not only share learnings from her life in the classroom, but also, provide a forum for some of her students to share their personal journeys—many that started thousands of miles away in conflict zones before immigrating to the US and landing a coveted seat in one of her programs.

Together, they fought their uphill battles, removed weeds and thorns, cleared their paths toward success. As Nunn built their self-worth and validated their concerns, they educated her. She reworked curricula and developed new teaching strategies for others to follow.    

Nunn adds: “My message to colleagues and the public-at-large is simple: all students must have access to quality and targeted educational opportunities. To prepare young adults to be our future leaders and productive citizens, we must recognize and address the socioeconomic factors that negatively impact and compromise academic achievement and success. The multicultural composition of our community makes it imperative that teachers become culturally competent; that they listen to the different voices to equalize the arena in which student development is molded. The idea of banning books and ‘protecting’ students from learning factual truth is unacceptable in an arena where knowledge eradicates ignorance rather than promotes guilt. Teachers who understand difference are better able to find solutions that maximize productivity and achievement and minimize failure.”

Magic in Room 216 is available at Amazon and other fine book retailers such as Strand Book Store, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Hudson Booksellers, and Booktopia.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island, Andee Nunn received her BA in Speech Education and MS in Secondary Education from Queens College. She completed post-graduate studies in Reading at Western Connecticut State University. In more than 40 years of teaching, she reached over 4,000 students juggling positions as a Reading Specialist, English Teacher, and Communications Adjunct Faculty. Nunn's awards include 2008 Danbury Teacher of the Year, 2008 Connecticut State Semi-Finalist Teacher of the Year, and 2018 NAACP Excellence in Teaching.

For press inquiries, contact Andee Nunn: [email protected].

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Original Source: NAACP Excellence in Teaching Award Winner Andee Nunn Releases Memoir, ‘Magic in Room 216’, on Cyber Monday
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