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Open Education Offers Powerful & Strategic Solutions in Response to Corporate Challenges Identified by SHRM

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HR professionals focusing on maintaining employee engagement and retaining top talent in 2024

According to the 2023-24 SHRM State of the Workplace Reportupskilling an evolving workforce and maintaining employee engagement are among the two most critical issues facing organizations today*. To address these key issues, Open Education participated in the SHRM Talent Conference & Expo 2024 to offer its accessible, cost-effective and scalable corporate training solution. Through high quality, live language instruction, Open Education enables organizations to enhance both employee satisfaction and productivity.

With the Baby Boomer generation nearing retirement and advancing technologies giving rise to new automation tools, there’s an unprecedented knowledge and skills gap within the workforce. Unsurprisingly, upskilling or reskilling the current workforce is a top 2024 priority for 53 percent of organizations, yet only 21 percent were very or extremely effective at upskilling or reskilling in 2023, according to SHRM’s report*. To combat these rising concerns, Open Education enables organizations to adequately address skills gaps, while cultivating a workforce equipped for the evolving language demands of the workplace.

“The advantages of Open Education extend beyond immediate cost savings. By providing employees access to valuable educational resources, organizations can foster a culture of continuous learning,” commented Andrés Moreno, founder, chairman and CEO of the company. “This not only enhances employee skill sets, but also boosts employee engagement.”

As reported by SHRM, maintaining high levels of employee engagement is another key factor in organizational success. In fact, when HR professionals were asked what they believed their organizations would prioritize in 2024, the two most common answers were “maintaining employee morale and engagement,” and “retaining top talent*.” To do so, employers must recognize the importance of tools that emphasize employee recognition as a way to boost performance. 

“When employees feel their organization invests in their development, they're more likely to be satisfied and productive,” shared Moreno. “Through Open Education, we seamlessly integrate recognition tools and resources in our learning software to publicly acknowledge employee achievements and contributions, which fosters a sense of value and belonging among employees.” 

By partnering with Open Education to upskill their workforce and maintain employees engaged, organizations can get one step closer to cultivating a highly skilled, motivated and adaptable workforce. 

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*2023-24 SHRM State of the Workplace Report, SHRM Enterprise Solutions, 2022

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Original Source: Open Education Offers Powerful & Strategic Solutions in Response to Corporate Challenges Identified by SHRM
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