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Two Leading Student Transportation Technology Groups Announce Integration to Serve Joint Customers

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Bytecurve and BusPlanner integration delivers opportunity for improved performance for hundreds of school bus fleets

Two of North America’s leading student transportation technology providers are announcing an integration that will allow scores of school bus fleets to achieve better performance and safety. 

Bytecurve, one of the fastest growing technologies serving the student transportation industry, and BusPlanner, a leader in the North American school bus routing software market, will integrate their software solutions to allow more districts to take advantage of Bytecurve’s transformational solution: Bytecurve360. 

The move to integrate BusPlanner with Bytecurve360 follows similar integrations with the other leading routing solutions.

Bytecurve360 is the only software that merges routing, payroll, and GPS tracking information into a single Dispatch solution with a powerful dashboard delivering real-time driver status updates. 

“We’re excited to be able to serve the scores of fleets that trust BusPlanner, especially in Canada, to deliver their routing and to continue our innovations to improve the way student transportation professionals provide safe, reliable, and on-time service to their communities,” said GP Singh, founder and CEO, Bytecurve.  

“I know from experience working with school bus fleet managers that they trust BusPlanner and their GPS fleet tracking providers to help them save time and money, and we’re excited to continue our growth to serve as that critical bridge between these two systems.” 

Bytecurve founder GP Singh developed the first-of-its-kind software solution that bridges the gaps between routing and GPS tracking software following years of experience in senior management roles at one of the country’s largest private school bus fleet operators. 

Bytecurve360 delivers the following modules: 

  • Scheduling and dispatch: Flexible and intuitive management of drivers, vehicles and routes to facilitate on-the-fly adjustments designed to meet daily challenges 
  • Payroll and attendance: Affordable solution with physical clock-in and mobile app functionality to improve payroll management 
  • DriveOn Driver Communication App: A free mobile application available on iOS and Android that allows instant communication between drivers and dispatchers, including route and vehicle re-assignments and payroll functionality 

BusPlanner Inc. is a market leader in the North American school bus routing space offering a suite of software that empowers transportation professionals to create efficient routing solutions for their organizations using industry-leading analytics and AI-based optimization tools.

Contact Information:
GP Singh Singh
CEO & Founder
[email protected]

Original Source: Two Leading Student Transportation Technology Groups Announce Integration to Serve Joint Customers
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