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Berlinale announces Berlinale Talent and Forum Special Selections; includes Sally Potter’s Alma.

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Berlinale announces Berlinale Talent and Forum Special Selections; includes Sally Potter’s Alma.

Source: Nicola Dove / Adventure Pictures

Sally Potter

The 2024 Berlinale has selected 34 feature film projects for its Co-Production Market, including Sally Potter’s Alma.

The festival has also chosen 202 Berlinale Talents, and 14 titles for its Forum Special strand.

Scroll down for the full list of Co-Production Market projects

The 34 feature projects in the Co-Production Market hail from 27 countries, and were selected from 318 submissions – a slight increase on 2023.

Potter’s Alma follows a family battling survivor guilt and sibling rivalries while on an expedition to scatter the ashes of an archaeologist. It will be produced by Christopher Sheppard and Lucie Wenigerova for Potter and Sheppard’s UK company Adventure Pictures, with the UK’s Sixteen Films.

It is selected in the Berlinale Directors section of the Market, alongside Babatunde Apalowo’s Londoner, a co-production between Nigeria’s Polymath Pictures, and the UK’s Cato Street Productions and Sixteen Films.

Eighteen of the 34 projects are already partly financed with budgets between EUR600,000 and EUR5m. The list includes Screaming girl, by Ukrainian filmmaker Antonio Lukich. His previous feature Luxembourg Luxembourg appeared in Horizons in the Venice Film Festival 2022. Ukraine’s ForeFilms is producing Screaming Girl.

Also selected is Kateryna Gornostai’s Antonivka, produced by Ukraine’s Moon Man and Lithuania’s Just a Moment. Gornostai’s Stop-Zemlia won the Crystal Bear for best film in Berlin’s Generation 14plus section in 2021.

The selection includes My Hands, the debut feature of Irish filmmaker Eoin Heaney, produced by Ireland’s Feline Films.

“Powerfully, and on a new level, these projects echo the issues that currently occupy people’s minds: home and migration, parenthood and the fear of commitment, political and social conflicts – many topics are reflected in a number of projects with diverse approaches. Current political conflicts are sometimes examined through the lens of the past or alternatively, in visions of the future,” said Martina Bleis, head of the Co-Production Market.

The Market will organise over 1,500 one-to-one meetings during the Berlinale, to expand the projects’ co-production, sales and funding possibilities.


The festival has also selected 202 filmmakers for its Berlinale Talents development programme, running from February 17-22. The 202 filmmakers come from 68 countries, and were chosen from a record 3,832 applicants from 131 countries.

Selected filmmakers include Estonia’s Anna Hints, whose Smoke Sauna Sisterhood won the European Documentary prize at last year’s European Film Awards.

116 of the Talents are women, with 76 men and 10 non-binary people. The theme of the Talents for this year is ‘Common Tongues: Speaking Out in Cinematic Language’.

The Festival has also renewed its partnership Mastercard to support Berlinale Talents for another three years.

The fourteen repertory titles of the Forum Special strand consist primarily of documentary films. They are programmed around ‘playful approaches’ to resisting slence or forgetting, according to the festival.The 14 Repertory Titles in the Forum Special 10 of the films are by the late Austrian filmmaker Maria Lassnig, ranging from her 1970 feature Encounter, to 1992’s The Ballad Of Maria Lassnig

, made with Hubert Sielecki.

The 2024 Berlinale runs from February 15-25.

  • Berlinale Co-Production Market 2024 projectsThe Side Effects Of Trusting Life
  • (Leb) dir. Ahmad GhosseinA Woman Builds
  • (Sing-Jap-Tai) dirs. Huang Ji, Ryuji OtsukaNext Apparition
  • (Arg-Uru) dir. Julieta AmalricMy hands
  • (Ire) dir. Eoin HeaneyScreaming Girl
  • (Ukr) dir. Antonio LukichTo The Wedding (Can)
  • dir. Andrea PallaoroIdda’s Breath
  • (It) dir. Irene DionisioDivorce During The War
  • (Lith) dir. Andrius BlazeviciusLast Trip
  • (Ger) dir. Ziad KalthoumAntonivka
  • (Ukr-Lith) dir. Kateryna GornostaiMarriage By Abduction
  • (Ger) dir. Sophia MocorreaIch Bin Marika
  • (Hun) dir. Hajni KisTo Die On Your Feet
  • (Chile) dir. Maria Paz GonzalezRemains Of Life
  • (Bul) dir. Sevda ShishmanovaFolk Play
  • (Ser) dir. Mirjana KaranovicFragments Of This Beauty
  • (Tur) dir. Burak CevikBurnings
  • (Swe) dir. Jerry CarlssonThe girl with the Leica

(It) dir. Alina Marazzi

  • Berlinale Directors ProjectsAlma
  • (UK) dir. Sally PotterTwist The Rabbit
  • (Cze-Slovakia) dir. Mira FornayLondoner

(Nig-UK) dir. Babatunde Apalowo

  • World Cinema Market ProjectZone | Myths

(Ger) dir. Daria Yurkevich

  • Rotterdam-Berlinale ExpressThe Diplomats
  • (Switz) dir. Andreas FontanaHold time for me

(Ger) dir. Fradique

  • Talent Project Market projects, Producer TalentsEau de Colony
  • (It) dir. Veronica Spedicati, producer: Giorgio GucciSo the Lovers Could Come out Again
  • (Leb) dir. George Peter Barbari; producer: Christelle YounesSilence Sometimes
  • (US-Sp) dir. Alvaro Robles; producer: Mireia VilanovaBad Gays
  • (Switz) dir. Loic Hobi, producer Michael GrafPogana (Cro) Dir. David Kapac, producer Rea Rajcic
  • The number of days (Arg-Sp). Agustina San Martin; producer: Maximiliano Monzon
  • Uptight Ass (Ser) dir. Matija Gluscevic; producer: Carna Vucinic
  • Astana Internet Stars (Kaz) dir. Assel Aushakimova; producer: Assel Aushakimova
  • More Than A Hug (Swe) dir. Christian Zetterberg; producer: Liselotte Persson
  • Little Lying Wild (US-Bel) dir. Samantha Aldana; producer: Valerie Steinberg

Company Matching Programme

  • Hobab, Swe
  • Momo Film Co., Sing
  • Paradise City, UK-Fr
  • Special Touch Studios, Fr
  • Ukbar Filmes, Por

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