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Blacktop International launches sales of ‘Cinderella’s Revenge’, starring Lauren Staerck and Natasha Henstridge (exclusive)

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Source: Courtesy Blacktop International

Cinderella’s Revenge

Blacktop International has launched worldwide sales at AFM on Andy Edwards’ horror film Cinderella’s Revenge starring Lauren Staerck from Trust and Natasha Henstridge from Species.

The twisted take on the classic fairy tale produced by Sobini Films takes place as Cinderella’s (Staerck) wicked stepsisters and stepmother push her too far, triggering a vengeful rampage with the help of her Fairy Godmother (Henstridge).

The cast includes Stephanie Lodge, Beatrice Fletcher, Megan Purvis and Darrell Griggs. Sobini’s Mark Amin produces with Mark Lester, Cami Winikoff, and Jessica Mathis.

Blacktop International president JD Beaufils said, “The picture is a wild and vengeful ride that never holds back in outrageously reinventing the classic story and the response from buyers has already been so overwhelmingly positive.”

Sobini Films’ Bleeding Love starring Ewan McGregor and Clara McGregor premiered at SXSW last spring.

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