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Courtenay Valenti is now head of film, streaming, and theatrical at Amazon and MGM Studios

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Courtenay Valenti is now head of film, streaming, and theatrical at Amazon and MGM Studios

Source: Warner Bros

Courtenay Valenti

Courtenay Valenti has been appointed head of film, streaming and theatrical at Amazon and MGM Studios.

The former president of production and development at Warner Bros will start in her new role on March 1, nearly a year after Amazon’s acquisition of MGM. She reports to Valenti.

Julie Rapaport, who managed the Amazon Original Movies (AMZN) and MGM film teams, will continue to supervise both film slates in her new position as head of film creative strategy and strategy. She reports to Valenti.

Valenti was at Warner Bros for 33 years and in her latest role oversaw the film slates for Warner Bros Pictures and Warner Bros Feature Animation. Under her supervision the pipeline delivered the last four Harry Potter films, The Great Gatsby, Crazy Rich Asians, and The Lego Movie, among others.

She also played a key role developing and shepherding Elvis, Happy Feet and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Salke’s full memo to staff appears below.

Hi team,

It’s been nearly a year since Amazon acquired MGM, and through that time I’ve had the opportunity to get to know the MGM team and their work. I have been impressed by the creativity, innovation and quality of the MGM slate, which includes Orion Pictures. These films have been a great complement to our Amazon Originals. I’d like Julie Rapaport to be thanked for her amazing job as interim head of both film groups.

Our strategy now includes an increased investment in film, including a strong theatrical plan and growing streaming programs, to bring more movies to film enthusiasts around the world. This strategy is based on a deliberate and focused approach to ensuring we have the right people to carry out our creative vision. Courtenay Valenti, who will be joining us as Head of Film Streaming and Theatrical on March 1, is a great addition to our team. She will oversee all films for Amazon and MGM Studios and will report to me. Courtenay is an experienced executive with more than 30 years of industry experience, strong ties to filmmakers and creatives, as well as an outstanding reputation for excellence in all aspects of film production, including developing new franchises and producing blockbuster movies. Under her leadership, the team will continue to carefully curate our slate to deliver a well-rounded selection of tentpoles, prestige films, and genre fare.

Courtenay was most recently President of Production and Development at Warner Bros., overseeing the film slates for both Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Bros. Feature Animation. She was with the company for 33 years and has seen many successes, including the last four Harry Potter films and The Great Gatsby films, The Great Gatsby films, The Great Gatsby movies, The Great Gatsby films, Fantastic Beasts film, Crazy Rich Asians movie, Lego Batman, You’ve Got Mail, and The Intern. She also played a central role in developing and shepherding the Oscar-winning Happy Feet and Mad Max: FuryRoad

as well as this year’s Academy Award nominated Elvis. Julie is an important part of our future. Being a RicardosCatherine Called birdy, Goodnight Oppy and Sundance Award winners Emergencyand Nanny. Julie has also managed the Air10, Catherine Called Birdy, Goodnight Oppyand Nanny. Julie will still oversee the slate for Amazon Originals and MGM, reporting to Courtenay. I’ll have more to share about our team in the coming weeks.Courtenay and Julie share a passion for storytelling and for storytellers, and together they will give us an even stronger creative edge and enhance our distinctive place as the Home for Talent.I know you’ll join me in welcoming Courtenay to the team.My Screen Life: TriStar Pictures president Nicole Brown on being a child actor, ‘Baby Driver 2’

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