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Exclusive: Daniel Bernhardt will star in Roger Corman’s reboot of the ‘Deathstalker” films

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Source: Rahel Schneuwly

Daniel Bernhardt

Daniel Bernhardt from John Wick and Extraction is attached to star as Deathstalker in a reimagining of Roger Corman’s cult 1980s sword and sorcery series of the same name. Raven Banner handles international sales and will distribute in Canada.

Steven Kostanski wrote and directed the story of the titular barbarian who becomes cursed by a magical talisman that draws him into conflict with a malevolent wizard and a clan of monstrous assassins.

The original films capitalised on the popularity of John Milius’ Conan The Barbarian.

Kostanski’s new vision promises a greater emphasis on exploring the fantasy setting and filling it with monsters that will be largely rendered through creature suits, prosthetic make-up, and stop-motion animation.

Effects come from the director’s Action Pants company, which recently completed work on Kostanski’s upcoming horror-comedy Frankie Freako.

Deathstalker is being produced by Hangar 18 Media with Pasha Patriki, Avi Federgreen, and Michael Pazst serving as producers. Executive Producers are Andrew Thomas Hunt, James Fler, Josh Viola, and Peter Kuplowsky, alongside Slash from Guns N’ Roses and Rodrigo Guidno of Berserkergang Films.

Kostanski said, “Every installment [of Deathstalker] has played so fast and loose with its lore, which means that there’s no limit to my imagination when it comes to what I can pit Deathstalker against.”

A Kickstarter campaign launched on Friday (March 1) to support Action Pants’ work on Deathstalker. Fans will get the opportunity to purchase memorabilia from the film and a new poster by Boris Vallejo, the artist responsible for the iconic poster art of the Deathstalker films since the 1983 original.

In advance of the film, Deathstalker will be featured in a new comic book series from Vault Comics. Writer Tim Seeley, artist Jim Terry and Slash have worked together to create a story which bridges the original films with Kostanski’s latest feature.

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