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Exclusive: Ray Figueroa will direct the Puerto Rican thriller “Coronation Mass”

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Exclusive: Ray Figueroa will direct the Puerto Rican thriller “Coronation Mass”

Source: Hirsch Giovanni

Ray Figueroa

Ray Figueroa has been set to direct Coronation Mass (Misa De Coronacion), a Spanish-language supernatural crime thriller set in Puerto Rico from Los Angeles-based Hirsch Giovanni Entertainment. Figueroa adapted the screenplay of Juan Lopez Bauza’s soon-to be published novel. The film will explore themes such as corruption, colonialism, and black magic on the Caribbean island. David M Hirsch, Hirsch Giovanni’s David M Hirsch and Annabelle Mullen Pacheco, Belle Films producer of

Once upon a time in the Caribbean are producing Coronation mass

. Giovanni J Guidotti, executive producer at Hirsch Giovanni, is the film’s director. Figueroa said: “Puerto Rican cinema is experiencing a transformational moment, daring its stories to be told with confidence and innovation. Coronation Mass is a tropical genre-bending Noir that embodies the new wave of cinema. It creates a cinematic experience which is uniquely Puerto Rican. We are also thrilled to work with Figueroa, who is known for producing high-quality productions that have a distinct tone. Coronation Mass is a testament to Puerto Rico’s rich storytelling and filmmaking abilities.

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