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Exclusive: ‘The Whale” soars beyond $10m in Mexico

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Source: A24

‘The Whale’

The Whale starring Oscar winner Brendan Fraser has soared past $10m in Mexico, confirming the territory’s status as the second highest-grossing market in the world for the film behind the US.

Known locally as La Ballena and distributed via California Filmes, the Darren Aronofsky-directed feature stands at MX 181.1m or just over USD $10m since opening on February 9, and has drawn 2,681,426 admissions to date.

At its height the drama played in 650 cinemas and is currently screening in approximately 15.

California Filmes sources told Screen the ongoing Oscar buzz for Fraser around the timing of the release registered with audiences who remembered the actor’s older films, however other factors specific to the country played to its advantage.

The institution of the family is held in high regard in Mexico and strong parent-child relationships are paramount, resulting in heightened responses to the film with anecdotal reports of many audience members crying during screenings.

There is also acute awareness of obesity issues in the country and the physical condition of Fraser’s character Charlie resonated with audiences.

Licensed internationally by A24, The Whale has grossed over $35m outside the US, where it has crossed $17m. The film has grossed over $35m outside the US, where it has crossed $17m.

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