For 2024, the Golden Globes will return to Sunday

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The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes moved back to Sunday, January 10, and the ceremony for the 8010th

Globe Awards was held on Tuesday, January 10. NBC, the US broadcast network, reportedly wanted to keep its advertising revenue from Sunday night’s American football coverage. The ceremony’s live broadcast attracted only 6.3 million viewers, which is the second-lowest audience ever recorded, according to Nielsen numbers. According to the Globes organisation the ceremony received more than 24.2bn impressions worldwide on social media platforms. Produced and voted upon by members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the Golden Globes sought to regain its position at the beginning of awards season. The 2022 show was held behind closed-doors due to a Hollywood boycott resulting from a 2021

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expose on the HFPA.The announcement about next year’s Globes date did not mention a US streaming or broadcast partner, but discussions are reportedly ongoing with outlets. Since 1996, NBC has been the event’s US broadcast partner.01

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