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Gary Oldman joins the cast of Paolo Sorrentino’s latest untitled film

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Source: Fremantle

Gary Oldman

Oscar-winning actor Gary Oldman has joined the cast of Paolo Sorrentino’s latest film which is currently shooting in Italy.

The as-yet-untitled film is written and directed by Sorrentino and centres on the life of a woman, Partenope, from her birth in 1950 through to today. The filming began at the end June and takes place between Naples and Capri. Celeste Dalla Porta is the first actress in the cast. Silvia Degrandi follows, followed by Isabella Ferrari, Lorenzo Gleijeses and Peppe Lanzetta. Silvio Orlando, Stefania Sandrelli, Alfonso Santagata, and Luisa Ranieri are all alphabetically listed. There is as yet no indication who will play what roles.

Partenope appears in Greek mythology and classical literature and art as one of the sirens who taunted Odysseus. After she drowned her body washed ashore on the shores of Naples. The city was named Partenope in her honor. Douglas Urbanski is the executive producer. Douglas Urbanski is the executive producer.

Oldman won an Oscar in 2018 for his role as Winston Churchill in

Darkest Hour,

and has credits including roles in the Harry Potter and Batman franchises.Sorrentino directed 2013 Oscar winner The Great Beauty

and 2021 Venice prize-winner The Hand Of God.“Art over content”: Venice jurors Damien Chazelle, Martin McDonagh, Laura Poitras wear t-shirts in support of strikes

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