Gretchen Mol, Bruce Greenwood join “The Invisibles” (exclusive)

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Source: Metro International/Sheri Angeles

Gretchen Mol, Bruce Greenwood

Gretchen Mol and Bruce Greenwood are starring alongside Tim Blake Nelson and Nathan Alexis in fantasy The Invisibles, directed by Andrew Currie.

UK outfit Metro International has international sales and are selling at the European Film Market (EFM).

Boardwalk Empire star Mol replaces the previously announced Lucy Liu in the cast, as the shoot gets underway in Toronto, Canada.

A couple, played by Mol and Nelson, find their marriage is in crisis. Husband Charlie begins to disappear – literally. He begins to fade and discovers a new world full of people who have gone missing just like him.

Currie wrote the feature along with Colin Aussant. It was produced by Mary Anne Waterhouse, for Canadian outfit Quadrant Motion Pictures, and Lee Kim for Los Angeles-based Resolute Films.

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