John Malkovich: “It’s very sad”

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Source: Berlinale

John Malkovich, who plays Seneca

John Malkovich has commented on the disappearance of his friend and colleague, the UK actor Julian Sands, calling it “a very sad event.”

UK actor Sands went missing while hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains outside of Los Angeles, California on January 13 this year, 38 days ago. He has not yet been located; yesterday a body of a hiker who went missing on the same day, 62-year-old Bob Gregory, was found.

Malkovich took part in a press conference today (February 20) for Berlinale Special Gala Seneca – On The Creation Of Earthquakes, in which Sands also stars. Alongside Malkovich were colleagues including director Robert Schwentke and producer Frieder Schlaich.

Asked by Screen if he had any comments for Sands or his family, Malkovich said, “Not so much that I care to share. It’s a very sad event. It’s a sad event.”

Last Week, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department announced plans to launch a second search for Sands. Sands is 65 years old. Sands is known for roles in films including The Killing Fields,

A Room With A View and Leaving Las Vegas; plus TV series including 24.Seneca has its world premiere as a Berlinale Special Gala this evening (Monday 20) at 22.00 CET at the Berlinale Palast.Malkovich was attracted to the film by “a very intelligent screenplay; we did most but not all of what was written.”

Regarding the high amount of dialogue he has in the film, the actor said, “That’s part of the job – you have to be prepared. You have to be prepared for the film shoots.In olden times, you had to sit there for hours while world-renowned cinematographers lit. It was only a matter of being prepared before you started. Now, there’s really almost no downtime – it was just a matter of being prepared before we started.”

Malkovich’s castmate Geraldine Chaplin discussed the power of film to change wider society. “Things haven’t changed – people make movies hoping they will change things, but they don’t. The rich are the richest and they get richer; war exists, and earthquakes exist,” Chaplin continued. Chaplin continued, “He believed that this would change the world. It only made people laugh.” This film is very funny.”


examines the relationship between Seneca and Nero, the infamous emperor he mentored since childhood. This film is very funny.”


looks at the relationship between Seneca and Nero, the infamous emperor he mentored since childhood and who accused him of plotting his assassination.[Charlie Chaplin]Picture Tree International is handling EFM sales on the film, which is produced by Germany’s Filmgalerie 451 and Dropkick Pictures, with Morocco’s Kasbah Films.The Berlinale continues until Sunday February 26.

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