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Kino Lorber purchases North American rights to Alex Schaad’s ‘Skin Deep’ film from Beta Cinema (exclusive).

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Source: Walker + Worm Film / Ahmed El Nagar

‘Skin Deep’

Kino Lorber has acquired North American distribution rights from Beta Cinema to Alex Schaad’s body swap thriller Skin Deep, which premiered in 2022 in Venice Critics’ Week, where it was awarded the Queer Lion.

Skin Deep is the directorial debut of Alex Schaad, who previously won the Student Academy Award for his social media thriller Invention of Trust.

The film is co-written by Schaad and his brother Dimitrij Schaad and produced by Tobias Walker and Philipp Worm of Walker + Worm Productions, Bayerischer Rundfunk, and Donndorffilm.

In the film, a young couple Leyla (Mala Emde) and Tristan (Jonas Dassler) travel to a remote island where they join another couple in a ritual to exchange bodies and see the world through the eyes of someone else. Leyla soon discovers that she is happier than ever and has a new outlook on life. But when she refuses to return to her old self, the situation threatens to spiral out of control.

The deal for Skin Deep was negotiated by Kino Lorber Senior Vice President Wendy Lidell and Dirk Schuerhoff, CEO of Beta Cinema.

Kino Lorber is planning a theatrical release later this year followed by a digital and home video release.

“Alex Schaad’s sensational debut is a twisty dive into who we are and who we love, a mind-boggling tour de force anchored by his actors’ shape-shifting performances as two characters who switch bodies,” said Kino Lorber SVP Wendy Lidell. “The results are both revelatory as well as deeply rewarding. We think American audiences will embrace this thoughtful, eye-opening story of love.

What is it that we truly love about a person? Their body or their mind? What if they change? Will we still love them? How much can they change while still being the “someone” you love? And what if there was a place where the boundaries of gender, sex and age could be overcome?Skin Deep offers very specific answers to these eternal questions,” said director Alex Schaad.

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