Kirill Serebrennikov’s film ‘The Disappearance’ will be shot later in the year

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Source: Screen File

Kirill Serebrennikov

Paris-based Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov’s The Disappearance, set to star August Diehl as Josef Mengele, will shoot in South America this summer, confirmed Ilya Stewart, the film’s exiled Russia producer of Hype Studios, at the European Film Market this weekend.

The director will move straight onto it after the completion of his latest feature, Limonov. It is possible that Cannes will be graced with a sales agent. Diehl will portray the Nazi war criminal during the years that he hid in Brazil.

The project was presented to Stewart by Charles Gillibert, a French producer from CG Cinema.

The project was in development for many years, but was not completed because Serebrennikov was being held in Russia.[of Mengele]Stewart said this in reference to the conflict in Ukraine.

Encounters title

Stewart will be in Berlin this week to meet Malika Musaeva, a Chechnyan director, to present The cage is looking for a bird,screened in Encounters and sold at Totem Films.

The film is about a group Chechen women who live in remote villages and their struggles to protect their freedom and choose to live their lives independently. Alexander Sokurov, the Golden Lion winner, is the director. Others include Vladimir Bitokov and Kira Kovalenko.

Sokurov himself brought the project to Stewart, saying Musaeva was one of his “brightest students”, according to Stewart.

“She has a really bright tomorrow,” said the producer. “Sokuorv supported her through the entire shooting process and the editing process. “Sokuorv nurtured her throughout the shooting process, the editing process.

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