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Mind The Gap launches Cannes sales of ‘Guillotine,’ narrated exclusively by Sean Young

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Source: Ozon Films

Charlotte Corday in ‘Guillotine’

Mind The Gap Productions will kick off sales in Cannes next week on the narrative feature Guillotine, which explores the history of the notorious killing machine and is narrated by Sean Young (Blade Runner, No Way Out) in the first voice-over work of her career.

GUILLOTINE Official trailer from Madam La Guillotine on Vimeo.

Ray Izad-Mehr makes his feature directorial debut on the film which is told through the lens of five true stories. It charts the role of the guillotine in history, and how it reflected attitudes towards capital punishment and power structures from the French Revolution until the fall of Saddam Hussein. “Shortly after, my father took me to see the film

Papillon. The infamous guillotine execution scene was unforgettable.Izad-Mehr continued, “What was it in us that could forgive violence committed on another human, if the killer’s arm is veiled in the cloth of a bureaucrat? It was something that was in the back of my mind while making this film.”

Speaking of her interest in narrating

Guillotine Young said, “I was moved by the humanity and humour of the film. It takes a special vantage point to place these events in such a way so as to ignite the imagination and entertain without being preachy.“It’s so much fun to work off screen for once,” Young added. “Narrating this film really gave me a taste for doing more voice-over work.”

Source: Sanjay N. Patel

Sean Young

Sean Young

Giulia Prenna of Mind The Gap Film Productions & Sales said, “The guillotine is one of the most recognisable and menacing tools ever created and yet has never really been featured on screen, until now. And what better place to bring it to market than in France.”


is produced by Ozon Films in co-operation with Throne Inc and is produced by Izad-Mehr, Sara Vahabi, Uriah Herr, and Tamas Birinyi.Bankside Films boards Irish comedy ‘West The Road’ starring Imelda Staunton, Hannah Waddingham (exclusive)

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