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Ollie Madden, the frontrunner from Film4, will take on the joint commissioning of film and TV dramas for Channel 4.

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Ollie Madden, the frontrunner from Film4, will take on the joint commissioning of film and TV dramas for Channel 4.

Source: Film4

Ollie Madden

Ollie Madden, director of Film4, is poised to expand his role to encompass TV drama commissioning as part of the ongoing restructuring at Film4’s UK broadcaster parent Channel 4.

Caroline Hollick, head of TV drama at Channel 4, is expected to leave the broadcaster according to Screen’s sister site Broadcast, and Madden is widely tipped to take on the top scripted role at the organisation, leading the division that orders TV series and backs films.

Channel 4 has previously confirmed the film and TV drama departments would continue to operate as independent teams with separate budgets but under the same leadership. With the broadcaster tasked with shedding 240 roles as part of its strategy to become a “digital-first” broadcaster, further commissioning job losses could also be on the cards.

According to a letter to staff from Channel 4’s chief content officer Ian Katz on January 29, the consultation process would take at least 45 days from that date. A spokesperson for Channel 4 told us today that the company has started a collective consultation. We are focusing on supporting our employees during this time of transition and keeping communication open with our partners and suppliers. It would be inappropriate for me to comment at this time.” Madden was promoted from the executive board to report directly to Channel 4 CEO Alex Mahon when Battsek announced that he would be leaving Channel 4 in March of 2024. This announcement was unrelated to current upheaval. He worked in the UK film and television sector for many years, including at Miramax, Warner Bros., and Shine Pictures where Mahon was CEO. Film4 invests PS25m per year in the production and growth of UK films. This includes award-season favourites such as Yorgos Lathimos’

Poor Things

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