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On Wednesday, writers and Hollywood companies will resume contract negotiations.

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Source: Jim Ruymen / UPI / Shutterstock

Union rally held in Los Angeles as part of the 2023 Writers’ Strike

Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) will resume their contract negotiations on Wednesday (September 20).

WGA members have been on strike for 140 days and most recently sat down with the Hollywood companies in August.

The union said it would not reach out again until there was “something of significance” to report and urged members to continue picketing.

The union is at loggerheads with the Hollywood companies on a well publicised range of issues, among them compensation, staffing of writers rooms, data transparency and residuals, and AI.

Last month the union published a chart illustrating how much it would cost each studio and streamer were they to accede to its proposals outlined prior to the May 2 work stoppage.

According to the union’s calculations it would cost Disney $72m annually, amounting to less than one-tenth of one percent of its $82.7bn annual revenues, and Netflix just over two-tenths of one percent were it to pay $65m against $31.6bn in revenues.

The WGA’s note to members appears below:


The WGA and AMPTP now have a confirmed schedule to bargain this week, starting on Wednesday.

You might not hear from us in the coming days while we are negotiating, but know that our focus is getting a fair deal for writers as soon as possible. We’ll reach out again when there is something of significance to report.

In the meantime, please continue to demonstrate your commitment and unity by coming out to the picket lines – for yourselves and fellow writers, SAG-AFTRA, other unions’ members, and all those in our community who are impacted by the strikes.



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