OneTwoThree Media at Cannes selling Margaret Cho’s comedy ‘Honorary male’, starring David Burtka and Kevin Woo (exclusive)

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Source: Bonachia Films, OneTwoThree Media / Sergio Garcia / Warren Elgort

David Burtka, Margaret Cho and Kevin Woo

Comedienne Margaret Cho, David Burtka, K-Pop star Kevin Woo, Amy Hill, Willam Belli and Bruce Davison have been cast in the comedy Honorary Male, which OneTwoThree Media is selling in Cannes.

Production is scheduled to start in New York later this year on the story of Chip, a drag queen who teaches disco dancing at a retirement home and gets recruited by a Chinese American family desperate to produce an heir.

Promised a successful relationship with a woman if he hangs up his stilettos, Chip falls for an off-limits male family member and must choose between getting the family he has always wanted or remaining true to himself.

Martin Rosete will direct from a screenplay by Amy Maki and Luis S. Canete.

Bonachia Films’ Canete, Orpheus Group Casting/Liberty Film Group’s Ellyn Long Marshall and Maria E. Nelson and Briana Frapart are the producers, while Atit Shah of New York-based Create Entertainment is the executive producer.

Canete said the socially relevant film about finding one’s true voice “couldn’t come at a better time as anti-drag bills are being introduced in the US and LGBTQ+ rights worldwide are being challenged”.

He continued, “We address a lot of serious social issues by wrapping them in comedy, yet the audience will be left feeling relieved with a positive message about the future.”

Alan Green of OneTwoThree Media is handling international sales in Cannes.

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