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OneTwoThree Media sales closes key sales in Cannes slate (exclusive).

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OneTwoThree Media sales closes key sales in Cannes slate (exclusive).

Source: OneTwoThree Media


US-based OneTwoThree Media has reported a raft of deals on completed films on its Cannes genre roster of sci-fi, thriller and horror.

Colonials, Joe Bland and Andrew Bale’s film about a space colonist from Mars who crash-lands on Earth and joins the resistance, has sold to Movement Pictures in South Korea, Nikkatsu Corporation in Japan and Multivisionnaire in Taiwan.

Second World War sports drama The Match starring Franco Nero and Armand Assante has gone to Star Entertainment in India and centres on a scratch team of former footballers and political prisoners forced to play a game against an elite Nazi team to commemorate Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Jakov Sedlar and Dominik Sedlar co-directed.

Sedlar’s Croatian drama The Conversation, about a top level meeting between two powerful men towards the end of the Second World War, has gone to Smile for Scandinavia and A2 Filmes for Latin America.

Meanwhile deals have closed with Alliance for India and Falcon for Indonesia on Daniel Keith’s 2019 comedy Love In Kilnerry, in which residents discover government-mandated changes to a nearby chemical plant will raise their libido levels.

Bounty has acquired Australian rights to Perri Cummings and Paul Anthony Nelson’s horror feature Apparitions about a deadly game of cat and mouse in the Australian bush.

Zombie horror World Ends At Camp Z from Ding Wang has been licensed to Multivisionnaire for Taiwan and stars Anne-Carolyne Binette from The Nights Before Christmas.

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