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Outsider Pictures engages AFM buyers to buy the genre film “Ancestral” shooting in Spain

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Source: Marcos Cebrian


Paul Hudson’s Outsider Pictures is at AFM with worldwide rights to the feminist genre film Ancestral from Pablo Aragues and Marta Cabrera.

Almudena Amor (Sitges and London 2021 entry The Grandmother) stars in the Spanish-language, female-led story about Carla, a pregnant woman who returns to her childhood town where she reunites with her mother and a group of women who seem to be the only inhabitants.

However they are not alone, and Carla is forced to delve into her past to confront an ancestral curse and liberate the women of the town.

The cast includes Emma Suarez (2016 Cannes entry Julieta), Luisa Gavasa (2015 Sitges entry The Bride), Ana Fernandez (Solas), and Consuelo Trujillo (2017 TIFF selection Veronica).

Ancestral is shooting in Aragon, Spain, with the support of the Government of Aragon, the Teruel Investment Fund, and the participation of Aragon Television.

Co-writer and co-director Cabrera said, “That the film has an entirely female cast and representation of different ages and generations of women was an essential condition. Strong, independent female characters who tell their own stories.”

Co-writer and co-director Aragues added, “Ancestral is a thriller, a psychological horror film and a family drama. It contains fantastic elements within a real situation, in the style of films like Hereditary or It follows, with a reading and a background that talks about real problems and the errors perpetuated between generations.”

Cabrera and Ana Revilla are producing for Redwood Films and Extended Reality Films.

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