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Paul Schrader reveals details about his next film, ‘Non Compos Mentis.’

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“I’ve written

, a noir, a kind sexual obsession, called ‘Non Compos Mentis’,

,” he said. Producer David Gonzales clarified that the title is Latin and means ‘An Unsound mind’.

already has the majority of the funding for the next film and we haven’t even cast yet, it’s just the actors.” Cinema “up in air”

The veteran director also discussed cinema’s future, saying that “the entire concept of movies” is in flux at the moment, and television is leading the charge. We don’t know any of these things anymore,” he said when answering a question from Screen International

. “I can’t tell you how this will morph but television, episodic, is the current present.”[about]Schrader also discussed the pressure that budgetary constraints put on shooting Oh, Canada. “This new technology means that you can’t drag yourself on the stage anymore,” he said. You get more footage in half the time, which means you have to work twice as fast. The power of cinema

The star of the film Richard Gere also attended the press conference. He answered several questions about the power of cinema when faced with war and injustice. The director said that the problems arise when we cannot relate to each other because we do not see ourselves or others. When you see others as yourself, problems disappear. The actor said that the “best years” in Russian cinema during the Soviet Union were due to repression and oppression. Artists had to find more subtle ways to communicate and be really extraordinary.”[Gonzales]”What I say to my Palestinian friend is it’s not a question of money, it’s a question of having something to say,” he continued. “Clean your mind, open your heart and be very courageous.”

Fellow actress Uma Thurman attended the premiere, but Jacob Elordi who played a younger Gere was not.

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