Premiere Entertainment’s “Sri Asih” goes to Shout! for North America (exclusive)

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Source: Premiere Entertainment Group

‘Sri Asih’

Premiere Entertainment Group (PEG) has licensed Indonesian superhero feature Sri Asih to Shout! Studios for North America.

Shout! The film will be released on multiple platforms in the coming months. The film was first released in Indonesia in November on 1,270 screens. It then premiered on Disney+ Hotstar for Indonesia and select Asian territories.

Sri Aish, produced by Screenplay Bumilangit and SK Global in association, is the second installment in the Bumilangit cinematic universe, a series superhero films based on more than 500 comic book characters from the library of Indonesian publisher Bumilangit. The series was launched in 2019 with Gundala. Pevita Parris stars in

Sri Asih, as a young woman who lives in a world full of crime and discovers she is the reincarnated Goddess Asih. She has to stop a demon from releasing Fire Goddess from captivity. Upi (also known as Upi Avianto) directed and co-wrote the screenplay with Joko Anwar, who directed

Gundala. Anwar produced along with Bismarka Kurniawan, Wicky V Olindo and Anwar. Michael Hogan, Winnie La, John Penotti, and Charlie Corwin were executive producers at SK Global. The company provided the financing. Executive producers included Lisbeth Simarata, Martin Suharlie, and Ricky Wijaya. PEG, a Los Angeles-based production and financing company, sealed the deal during the Cannes film festival.

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