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Quentin Dupieux reveals secret film ‘Yannick,’ to be released in France in August

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Source: Lebruman

Quentin Dupieux

France’s Quentin Dupieux has revealed that his upcoming film Yannick will be released in France on August 2, the latest in a marathon of titles from the prolific absurdist filmmaker.

Daaaaaal! producers Atelier de Production teamed with Smoking Causes Coughing co-producer Hugo Selignac’s Mediawan-owned Chi-Fou-Mi Productions and Dupieux for Yannick, which stars Pio Marmai alongside Raphael Quenard, Blanche Gardin, Sebastien Chassagne and Agnes Hurstel.

Dupieux confirmed the release via Twitter on Wednesday (June 28). Diaphana, distributor of the film, says that it is set “in the middle of a play Le Cocu”. It follows Yannick (the titular character) who “gets up to interrupt the show and take over the evening …”. The production was shot under secrecy.

is set for a November 1 release in France, also via Diaphana, and rumoured to be in contention for a world premiere in Venice.Dupieux’s quirky cinema has proven to be a hit at festivals and among buyers. Arrow Films acquired the US, UK and Canada rights to Incredible but True , while Magnolia released Smoking causes Coughing on US soil in March. Dupieux made his debut with the Steakin 2007, followed by 2010’s-Rubber

and continues to produce eccentric titles including 2012’sWrong and 2014’sRealityand most recentlyDeerskinin 2019.

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