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Raven Banner announces world sales of ‘Black Mold” ahead of Cannes Market.

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Source: Raven Banner

Black Mold

Ahead of the Cannes market, Toronto-based Raven Banner has acquired worldwide sales on John Pata’s hallucinogenic horror Black Mold.

Agnes Albright (True Detective) and Andrew Bailes play friends who sneak into off-limits buildings for art and an adrenaline rush.

When they break into Franklin Hill, a large facility with history, they encounter a volatile threat that holds them captive. The more time the friends spend in the facility, the more they realize that something is wrong.

Sarah Shelby and Jennifer Shelby were the producers. Albright was named best actress and the film won Best Indie Feature at this year’s Panic Fest in the US.

Raven Banner’s Michael Paszt, James Fler and Michael Da Silva negotiated the deal with the producers.

Paszt said, “John is an incredibly talented director and we’re elated to be working with the team.” Sharp added, “It was love at first collab with this group of Ravens.”

Raven Banner’s Cannes sales slate includes Richard V. Somes’ action title Trigger; Anthony DiBlasi’s horror Malum; Baatar Batsukh’s Aberrance; Tom Bewilogua’s Subject 101; Steve Wolsh’s Kill Her Goats; and Joey De Guzman’s action-horror Day Zero.

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