Red Sea Media’s newest exclusive, ‘Confidential Informant’ with Mel Gibson, is a hit among buyers

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Source: Red Sea Media

Confidential Informant

Roman Kopelevich’s Red Sea Media has closed key territory sales on Dominic Purcell Nick Stahl, Kate Bosworth, and Mel Gibson thriller Confidential Informant led by the UK, Germany, and Latin America.

The feature follows a terminally ill undercover narcotics officer who enlists the aid of his partner and their confidential informant to stage his death in the line of duty in order to get benefits for his struggling young family.

SPI acquired rights for UK, India, Israel and Portugal. In other deals Red Sea has licensed Latin America (California Filmes), Germany (Plaion), Australia (Eagle Entertainment), Scandinavia (Scanbox), Italy (Minerva), Benelux (Three Lines), Middle East (Eagle Films), CIS (Top Films), and Eastern Europe (Daro).

Michael Oblowitz directed Confidential Informant from a script by Michael Kaycheck, Oblowitz and Brooke Nasser. The producers are Daniel Cummings and Oblowitz, and Matthew Helderman, Tyler Gould and Luke Taylor of BondIt of Media Capital served as executive producers, who handled packaging and financing.

Kopelevich brokered the deals for Red Sea Media and is continuing international sales here in Cannes.

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