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Relaunched MoviePass goes national in the US for Memorial Day Weekend

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The controversial service had a limited beta relaunch last September. The controversial service was relaunched in a limited beta last September.

The company offers four tiers of plans and says that consumers can use their subscriptions at more than 4,500 locations nationwide. The plans are priced between $10 and $40 per month and offer subscribers credits that vary in value depending on the time of day, day of week and demand. According to the company, basic plan subscribers can access up to three films per month and ‘pros’ as many as thirty (at a pace of one film a day). Since its relaunch in January 2010, MoviePass is only available to consumers who are on a waiting list. In an internal survey of 10,000 members, 73% said that the pandemic influenced their decision to go back to the cinema. Stacy Spikes, the CEO and co-founder of MoviePass, acquired the service in a bankruptcy auction for 2020. Spikes was fired by Helios and Matheson Analytics after the company was sold to them in 2017. After dropping prices in order to increase subscriber numbers, the service was criticized by some exhibitors. It also began to lose money and led to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Spikes commented on the expansion of MoviePass, saying: “By extending the service to film lovers across the country, we are expanding support for the movie theatre industry and helping to drive traffic to all theaters during the crucial summer season.” Our newly designed service gives our members more flexibility and choice in how they use their credits each month, while still encouraging them to watch movies at the cinema.

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