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Russell Crowe directs music documentary “Last Breath”; confirms Hermann Goering’s role in “Nuremberg”, talks about ‘Gladiator 2

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Source: KVIFF

Russell Crowe at the Karlovy Vary opening ceremony

Russell Crowe is directing Last Breath, a feature documentary about maintaining his passion for music alongside his successful acting career, he confirmed today in Karlovy Vary.

Crowe confirmed that his next role will be Hermann Goering in Jamie Vanderbilt’s Nuremberg, about the trials of Nazi leadership following the Second World War. Production details and shoot dates are unconfirmed.

The New Zealand-born actor, who has performed in bands since the early 1980s, has been shooting material for Last Breath since 2011, he said.

“It’s about my connection to music, which begins at the same age as when I first started acting,” said Crowe, speaking at a Karlovy Vary press conference today (July 1). “It’s the same energy source, writing a song or creating a character.”

The film, which is still in production, will follow Crowe and his band Indoor Garden Party on their recent 23-date tour in Europe, as well as previous shows in the US, UK and Australia.

Crowe said that while Australians have always accepted his music career, it has been less well-received in several countries. “When my overseas career [acting] started peaking, there was a strange resentment against me continuing with music,” said Crowe. “One person asked, ‘How popular do you need to become?’ because I was acting and playing in a group. It’s ridiculous! It’s the same when people try and tell me what roles I should play – fuck off!” Last Breath “seeks to make people comfortable with the idea” that he has both passions, Crowe said.

Gladiator 2

He also expressed his love of directing, describing it as “the greatest joy that exists on the planet.”

“If I could, that’s all I would be doing,” said Crowe, who has made two fiction features – 2014’s The Water Diviner and 2022’s Poker Face – and three documentaries – 2002’s Texas, and two further docs he said he has not released. Crowe said that he would only direct if he could. He has made two fiction features – 2014’s

The Water Diviner and 2022’s Poker Face

– as well as three documentaries – 2002’s Texas, and two more docs he says hs not released. “That, to me, destroys the whole point. I’m talking two documentaries on specific topics, where the truth was told but no one wanted to back it up. I just have to wait for them to die – it’s alright, I’m a patient man.”[but]As an actor, Crowe is best-known for roles including Maximus Decimus Meridius in Ridley Scott’s 2000 epic


  • . Crowe was asked about the sequel that is currently being produced. He said, “They should fucking pay me for the amount questions I’ve been asked about a film I’m not in.” It has nothing to do me; I’m six feet below the surface in that world. That’s it.”

“I admit to a tinge of envy, because this reminds me of not only my youth, but what that meant to me in my lifetime,” continued Crowe. He remembered being in Malta with his band and seeing the 01001010Gladiator colosseum set built exactly the same way it had been for the first film 25 years earlier. “It was like a time warp for a few seconds,” said Crowe. “I don’t know anything about the plot or cast – well, I wouldn’t, because I’m dead – 01001010 but whoever is involved in that film, if Ridley decided to do a sequel to that story, it will be for very good reasons. Ridley is known to rethink his work and make it better. I couldn’t imagine that movie being anything other than absolutely spectacular when it comes out.”01001010Crowe spoke at a Karlovy Vary press conference, where he received the Crystal Globe award for outstanding contribution to global cinema on June 30. He then performed a gig with his band Indoor Garden Party in front of the main Hotel Thermal venue.01001010Russell Crowe rocks Karlovy Vary with opening night gig after accepting honorary award01001010

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