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SAG-AFTRA discussions to continue on Wednesday

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Source: SAG-AFTRA website

SAG-AFTRA on strike last week

Talks between SAG-AFTRA and Alliance Of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) concluded on Tuesday and are scheduled to continue on Wednesday.

In a message to members on Tuesday night on the 103rd day of its work stoppage, the actors union said: “Today, the CEOs came back to the table. We will continue the talks with them tomorrow.

We will continue to update you directly. Don’t believe anything in the media unless you hear it directly from us. Discovery), and Bob Iger (Disney) in attendance.

Talks stalled earlier in the month, shattering what had been an optimistic mood after days of negotiations.

On that occasion the Hollywood companies rejected a revenue share proposal by the union which it said would cost the companies less than 57 cents per subscriber each year.

AMPTP said the measure would cost its members more than $800m annually, which SAG-AFTRA said was an inflated estimate.

The parties remain some distance apart on the matters of residuals and revenue share, minimum compensation, and regulation of AI.

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