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SAG-AFTRA is ready to return to the negotiating table “at a moments notice”

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Source: Edna Leshowitz/ZUMA Press Wire/Shutterstock

Members of SAG-AFTRA picket outside of NBC Universal at Rockefeller Center on second day of strike.

SAG-AFTRA has said its negotiating team “remains ready at a moment’s notice to go back to the bargaining table to secure a righteous deal” as the strike entered its 46th day.

In a note to members the union acknowledged that “it appears the AMPTP is still unwilling to make the concessions necessary to make a fair deal” in light of last week’s back and forth with the striking Writers Guild Of America (EGA).

Recent progress between WGA and the Hollywood companies’ negotiations representative AMPTP (Alliance Of Motion Picture And Television Producers) appears to have stalled after WGA blasted AMPTP’s tactic of revealing its August 11 offer to the union.

SAG-AFTRA once again urged members to take advantage of its interim agreements, which it said were weakening the Hollywood companies.

This comes in the face of a backlash against the idea of actors working or promoting films while others remain on strike, and concerns among producers and sales agents that the binding terms of the agreement – based on the union’s lat offer to studios in July – are costly and off-putting to potential buyers.

SAG-AFTRA wrote: “To be crystal clear, once an agreement is in place, we fully encourage all of our SAG-AFTRA members to work under that agreement AND to promote work made under that agreement. The more projects made under the Interim Agreement the weaker AMPTP will become. The full note is below.

Interim Agreements Weaken the Position of the SAG-AFTRA’s negotiating team is ready to return to the table at any moment to negotiate As we’ve seen in the recent news from the WGA negotiations it appears that the AMPTP has Our solidarity is more important than ever

It’s for this reason that we write to The feedback from the information sessions was positive, and we received expressions that support the strategy. However, there Some of our members have received negative comments because they participated in projects with Interim Agreements, especially when it These remarks, whether they come from within or outside our organization, are not only unhelpful for performers, The AMPTP will become weaker as more projects are made using the Interim Agreement. Let’s celebrate our fellow performers that are working.

We think that our strategy of employ We are striking the major studios and streaming services. From their executive suites, the CEOs can look out and see these independent projects flourishing while their greed From their executive suites, the CEOs can look out and see these independent projects thriving, while their greed and disrespect holds up their own productions.

If the rights to distribute some of these projects made with the Interim Agreement are eventually acquired, it will be all to the good. A slate of projects with Interim Agreements is a slate of productions that yield to our deal

In solidarity,

Your TV/Theatrical/Streaming Negotiating Committee

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