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SAG-AFTRA releases full tentative agreement before ratification vote deadline

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SAG-AFTRA’s Fran Drescher and Duncan Crabtree-Ireland

SAG-AFTRA has posted the entire 129-page tentative TV and theatrical deal on its website, making it available to members earlier than usual in the ratification process amid vocal criticism from two prominent members.

“As you may know, traditionally SAG-AFTRA contract ratification votes rely on our detailed summaries of the new agreement, as the drafting of a formal memorandum of agreement (MOA) usually takes many weeks,” Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, the union’s national executive director and chief negotiator, wrote on Friday (November 24). “However, for this historic deal some members have asked to review the full draft MOA during the ratification voting period.”

The formal MOA addresses in detail every element of the proposed three-year contract with studio and streamer members of the Alliance Of Motion Picture And Television Producers (AMPTP).

Members have until the end of December 5 to vote on whether or not to ratify. If approved, the new contract will run from November 9 of this year through June 30, 2026.

It comes after a 118-day work stoppage that, in tandem with the Writers Guild of America strike which it overlapped for around 10 weeks, brought Hollywood studio and streamer production to its knees.

The strike ended on November 9 after SAG-AFTRA reached the tentative deal with AMPTP that brought compounded minimum rate increases of 7%-4%-3.5%, AI protections including the requirement for informed consent and fair compensation for the creation and use of digital replicas of performers, and a streaming bonus involving a new fund to compensate performers for streaming exhibition in additional to traditional residuals.

Union president Fran Drescher and Crabtree-Ireland hailed the tentative deal for bringing more than $1bn in new compensation and benefit plan funding, including an additional $317.2m to the benefit plans.

However two members in particular have been vocal in their opposition to the tentative deal.

Justine Bateman has said on a number of occasions that the AI protections do not go far enough.

Last week Matthew Modine, who ran for SAG-AFTRA president in the last two elections and was one of nine board members to vote against the tentative agreement, issued a statement outlining his concerns over the proposed AI guardrails.

“I cannot endorse a contract that compromises the independence and financial futures of the performers,” said Modine, adding later: “Consent means surrendering your physical and vocal identity to an employer. A Faustian bargain. If this contract is ratified, every contract moving forward may require, as a condition of employment, members to consent to the use of artificial intelligence as defined by an employer.”

The full cover letter from Duncan Crabtree-Ireland to members appears below.

As you may know, traditionally SAG-AFTRA contract ratification votes rely on our detailed summaries of the new agreement, as the drafting of a formal memorandum of agreement (MOA) usually takes many weeks. For this historic deal, some members asked to review the complete draft MOA during

I’m pleased to advise that the draft MOA containing detailed language on all of the changes in the 2023 TV/Theatrical Contracts tentative agreement has now been posted to Click here to view it.

These contracts achieve more than $1 billion in NEW compensation and benefit plan funding (including an additional $317.2 million to the benefit plans). The contracts establish lengthy and detailed AI guardrails that didn’t exist before and do protect you as we meet the challenge of this new technology, hair and makeup equity, significantly increased background coverage, outsized streaming residuals, a new streaming success fund, and so much more. These gains were only possible due to your sacrifice, solidarity, and tena The MOA will not be “final” until both parties sign it. As an additional reference, you may want to refer to the contracts that this draft Please review these details carefully to understand the many improvements. Both your National Board and Negotiating Committee voted in favor of a You must vote YES by 5 p.m. on Dec. To register your vote, please visit and use the PIN on the postcard that was mailed to eligible SAG-AFTRA members on Tuesday, Nov. 14 or if needed, your PIN can be retrieved from the voting website.

And lastly, if you haven’t already, visit, where you can watch videos of informational meetings, read FAQs and find many AI resources regarding the gains in this contract.

In strength together,

Duncan Crabtree-Ireland

National Executive Director & Chief Negotiator

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