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SAG-AFTRA will announce the results of the board vote and tentative agreement points on Friday

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SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher and national executive director and chief negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland announce the strike in July 2023.

SAG-AFTRA will release the result of its national board’s vote on the tentative deal with the studios and streamers as well as deal points at 1pm Pacific Time on Friday, the union said.

Union president Fran Drescher, national executive director and chief negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland and TV/theatrical negotiating committee members will discuss the terms.

The union and Alliance Of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), which negotiated the new three-year TV and theatrical contract on behalf of the Hollywood companies, announced the tentative deal on Wednesday afternoon.

In a note sent to members on Thursday Drescher and Crabtree-Ireland outlined the deal points without going into specifics.

They include more than $1bn in new wages and benefit plan funding; a streaming participation bonus which it is understood will include elements of the bonus structure secured by Writers Guild of America plus a fund; minimum compensation increases that break the “industry pattern”; consent and compensation guardrails on the use of AI; increased pension and health caps; and protections for diverse communities.

The leadership note appears below in full.

Dear SAG-AFTRA Members:

We did it! Our historic TV/Theatrical/Streaming strike is over as of 12:01 AM this morning. After 118 days on strike, we are set to change the future of our industry with a transformative contract that includes gains for every category of SAG-AFTRA member who works this contract.

This revolutionary agreement achieves major breakthroughs in addressing compensation via residuals and protections from generative artificial intelligence technology while reaffirming the role human performers play in the production of film, television, and streaming entertainment.

Tomorrow, the National Board will meet to review the tentative agreement and vote on whether or not to send it to you, the membership, for a ratification vote.

Although full details will not be shared in advance of tomorrow’s meeting, we wanted to share just a few key deal points:

* More than one billion dollars in new wages and benefit plan funding;

* A streaming participation bonus;

* Minimum compensation increases that break the so-called “industry pattern”;

* For the first time, consent and compensation guardrails on the use of AI;

* Raised Pension & Health caps that will channel more value into our funds; and

* Critical protections for diverse communities.

We’re proud of the phenomenal efforts of our TV/Theatrical Negotiating Committee, and send our sincerest thanks to you — the members — who made these gains possible by granting a strike authorization prior to negotiations, and remaining resolved throughout the 118 days of our strike. Your solidarity allowed us to achieve the leverage we needed to secure these unprecedented benefits. We truly could not have succeeded without your unwavering support.

Effective immediately, all SAG-AFTRA members should fulfill their contractual obligations and return to work. Members and influencers may resume services relating to publicity and the promotion of motion pictures produced under the CBA and Television Agreement, without consequence or conflict with the union.

Please keep an eye out for an email from SAG-AFTRA and follow us on social media (@sagaftra) for news on the National Board’s recommendation.

In unity,

Fran Drescher


Duncan Crabtree-Ireland

National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator

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