San Sebastian winner Isaki Lacuesta unveils musical ‘Segundo Premio’ as next feature (exclusive)

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Isaki Lacuesta

Catalan director Isaki Lacuesta, a double Golden Shell winner at San Sebastian for Between Two Waters (2018) and The Double Steps (2011), is set to start shooting his new feature, musical Segundo Premio (English working title: Saturn Return).

The film is a co-production between La Terraza Films, Aralan Films, Ikiru Films and BTeam prods from Spain and France’s Capricci Films.

Although is not a biopic, Segundo Premio will tell the story of Los Planetas, an influential Spanish indie rock group. It will depict “a very special period of cultural effervescence in Granada between 1996 and 1998,” according to La Terraza Films’ Cristobal Garcia Ortiz.

Lacuesta adds: “The main characters will be played by real Granada musicians from the generation following Los Planetas. Some of them had a relationship to the original band.” The film will feature musical sequences that will be performed live on set.

The film is not a historical chronicle but a vision almost beyond imagination. Lacuesta says that we don’t want to make films about Los Planetas. We want to tell the story of Los Planetas as it was told 100 years ago.”

The Segundo Premio script was written by Lacuesta and Fernando Navarro, the scriptwriter of Paco Plaza’s Veronica. Takuro Takeuchi is director of photography.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in the next weeks in Granada, and will continue in April in New York.

La Terraza and Ikiru previously produced Daniel Monzon’s The Laws Of The Border and Carlota Gonzalez-Adrio’s debut thriller The House Among The Cactuses. Aralan’s credits include Carlos Vermut’s Quien Te Cantara and Benito Zambrano’s Intemperie.

BProds, the production arm of Spanish distributor BTeam, produced Pilar Palomero’s Schoolgirls, which won best film at the Goyas in 2021. Capricci Films, a distribution and co-production company, will also be co-producer. Capricci was also co-producer for Albert Serra’s Cannes premiere The Death Of Louis XIV.

Lacuesta won Malaga festival’s best director, critic, and special jury awards in 2016.Cannes 2023: Who’s the frontrunner?

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