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Santa Monica Hotel workers picket AFM Hub, Le Meridian Delfina

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Source: Screen File

Le Meridian Delfina striking hotel workers

Around 40 hotel workers are making their voices heard today (November 1), striking outside the American Film Market’s (AFM) hub, Le Meridian Delfina.

Hundreds of hotel workers from multiple properties across Santa Monica have been striking since June, demanding that hotels pay them living wages that allow them to afford housing, as well as better benefits, such as improved pensions.

“It is very difficult to live in LA, everything is very expensive, and every day is more expensive,” said Jacquline Martin, a striking barista who works in the restaurant at Le Meridian Delfina, and has been employed by the hotel for 20 years. “I need to rent my car, feed my family.”

She continues: “They don’t hire many people.” The front office works 10 hours, six days a week. The front office works 10 hours a day, six days a weeks. She is currently earning $25 per hour and wants to be paid $30 per hour. “We’re here on strike to be heard from the bosses at the top.”


had not heard back on request for comment from Le Meriden Delfina as of a request made last week.

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