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‘Saw X’crosses $100m global box office

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Source: Lionsgate

‘Saw X’

Saw X has crossed the $100m mark at the worldwide box office through Lionsgate after the latest entry in the horror franchise added $4.2m over the weekend to reach $102.1m.

The Saw franchise has earned a little over $1.24bn including 2021 spin-off Spiral.

Saw X currently ranks as the seventh highest global box office earner in the 10-strong franchise and is within touching distance of 2004 franchise-starter Saw‘s $103.9m final tally and the $104.2m gross earned by Jigsaw in 2017. Numbers are unadjusted.

Lionsgate reported that $3.1m of the global weekend haul came from 68 territories, propelling the international running total to $49.5m and currently ranks seventh in the series.

France delivered $1.2m after a 27% slide to stand at $3.6m. The Netherlands brought in $180,206, a 32% decrease from $1.1m.

The UK, with $7.6m after six weekends, is the leading territory, followed by Mexico ($5.6m) and France ($3.6m).

SawX also added $1.1m to the North American tally over the weekend, bringing the total to $52.6m.

SawX ranks sixth in the franchise pantheon. It places sixth in the franchise pantheon.Tobin Bell reprises his role in the sequel to Saw and prequel to 2005’s

Saw II

  • and stars as John Kramer (aka Jigsaw), who travels to Mexico for an experimental medical procedure he hopes can cure his cancer.

Once there, Kramer discovers the entire operation is a scam designed to prey on the vulnerable.01001010Global box office: ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ plummets in US but holds better abroad; Taylor Swift bounces back in fourth weekend of play01001010

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