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Several issues remain unresolved during SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP negotiations

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SAG-AFTRA has rejected proposals on AI regulation by the studios and streamers and several other issues remain unresolved as the parties seek a new three-year TV and theatrical deal.

The development on the strike’s 116th day comes after Alliance Of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) sent what it called its “last, best and final offer” on Saturday, fuelling hopes the work stoppage was in its final stretch.

While that may still be the case, the union’s negotiating committee sent a note to members on Monday in which it said there were still several “essential” items where there was no agreement, “including AI”. Scroll to the bottom to read the full note.

Minimum compensation and a bonus structure have been the other outstanding issues yet to be resolved.

The term “last, best and final offer” sounds emphatic however sources said it is a bargaining ploy that does not preclude SAG-AFTRA from coming back with counter-proposals.

Reports have said the ongoing strike, coupled with the now-resolved writers strike, has reportedly cost the California economy in the region of $6.5bn since May.

Studio and streamer production involving SAG-AFTRA members has been halted since July and it is believed that an imminent end to the strike will see production resume in January. Independent films in possession of a SAG-AFTRA interim agreement have been shooting or are preparing to shoot.

Last week Paramount Global head Bob Bakish said in the Q3 earnings call that the dual Hollywood strike had cost the company close to $60m in “strike-related idle costs”, with more expected in the fourth quarter.

Warner Bros Discovery and Disney are reporting earnings this week.

November 6 2023 SAG-AFTRA note to members:

Dear SAG-AFTRA Members,

This morning our negotiators formally responded to the AMPTP’s “Last, Best & Final” offer.

Please know every member of our TV/Theatrical Negotiating Committee is determined to secure the right deal and thereby bring this strike to an end responsibly.

There are several essential items on which we still do not have an agreement, including AI. We will keep you informed as events unfold.

In solidarity and gratitude,

Your TV/Theatrical Negotiating Committee

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