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Sony Classics has acquired the American rights to ‘The Peasants,’ a Polish Oscar submission.

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Source: Toronto International Film Festival

‘The Peasants’

Sony Pictures Classics has acquired all rights to The Peasants, Poland’s submission for this year’s international film Oscar, for North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Australia/New Zealand.

Written and directed by DK Welchman and Hugh Welchman, The Peasants had its world premiere as a special presentation at this year’s Toronto festival. It uses the same painting-animation technique that the filmmakers used on their 2017 project, Loving Vincennes which was nominated as the best animated feature Oscar. Based on a novel written by Polish author Wladyslaw reymont in the early 20th century, the film tells a story about a young woman who is determined to make her own way within the confines a late 19th century Polish village, but finds herself caught between the competing desires of the village’s richest farmer and his eldest child, as well as the other men. Produced by Breakthru Films

The Peasants

is a co-production of Digitalkraft, Art Shot Breakthru Productions Canal + Polska Narodowe Centrum Kultury Mazowiecki Institute for Culture and SKP Slusarek Kubiak Pieczyk in association with New Europe Film Sales, Carte Blanche and Breakthru Productions. DK commented that Reymont was a little-known author outside of Poland who won the Nobel Prize for Literature 100 years ago. His book traveled to more than 100 countries around the world. We hope that our adaptation of his novel, The Peasants

brought to life through oil-painting animated will reach out and touch audiences all over the world and, like him, find award success.

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