Thailand’s ‘Inhuman Kiss’ sequel scores sales across Asia, Americas (exclusive)

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Source: Neramitnung Film

‘Inhuman Kiss: The Last Breath’

Thai sales and production company Neramitnung Film has closed multiple deals on upcoming romantic horror sequel Inhuman Kiss: The Last Breath.

Encripta has acquired the film for Latin America, South America and non-US Caribbean Basin, while Kinologistika has taken CIS territories. Deals have been made in Southeast Asia for Cambodia, Laos (Westec), Vietnam(Mocking Bird), Malaysia (Suraya Film), Brunei (Suraya Film), Indonesia (Shiva), and Singapore (Clover Films).

The film stars Chanya McClory, who is a TV commercial director. The film centers on a man with abnormal genetics and a woman who is half-demon. The first Inhuman Kiss was one of the top grossing Thai films in 2019.The film will open in Thailand and Cambodia on March 30, followed by the rest of the Southeast Asian markets in the coming months.At Filmart, Neramitnung Film will also host a promo screening for

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