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The Chinese box office hit ‘Lost In The Stars,’ dominates the global top 10.

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Source: Focus Features / Sony Pictures

‘Asteroid City’ / ‘No Hard Feelings’

World box office June 23-25

Rank Film (distributor) 3-day (world) Cume (world) 3-day (int’l) Cume (int’l) Territories
1. Lost In The Stars (Various) $70.4m $97.6m $70.4m $97.6m 1
2. Elemental (Disney) $49.8m $121.1m $31.3m $55.6m 41
3. The Flash (Warner Bros) $41.9m $210.9m $26.6m $123.3m 79
4. Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse (Sony) $41.3m $560.3m $22m $243.2m 64
5. Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts (Paramount) $37.2m $341.2m $25.6m $218.3m 70
6. No Hard Feelings (Sony) $24.6m $24.6m $9.5m $9.5m 49
7. The Little Mermaid (Disney) $18.1m $499.3m $9.4m $229.1m 53
8. Asteroid City (Focus) $12.9m $16.7m $3.9m $6.5m 36
9. Love Never Ends (Various) $11.7m $23.5m $11.7m $23.5m 1
10. Fast X (Universal) $6.4m $689.3m $5.3m $544.7m 85

Credit: Comscore. All figures are estimates.

China’s first summer hit ‘Lost In The Stars’ capitalises on Dragon Boat Festival holiday

Without any new wide-release Hollywood tentpoles to challenge for the top spot on the weekend global chart, Chinese mystery Lost In The Stars delivered its country’s first bona fide summer season hit.

The feature owned number one slot with an estimated $70.4m over three days and $97.6m over an extended Dragon Boat Festival holiday period that started on Thursday.

The story follows a lawyer who gets involved in the case of a reappeared missing person whose husband does not believe she is his wife. The screenplay was written by Chen Sicheng, the author of the Detective Chinatown television series. Liu Xiang co-directed with Cui Rui. The cast includes Zhu Yilong, Ni Ni, Du Jiang, and Janice Man.

The mystery from As One Productions was far and away the highest-performing film at the box office in China and according to reports Maoyan is forecasting the film will gross more than $400m by the end of its run.

‘Elemental’ climbs up charts

In its second weekend Pixar’s Elemental climbed two slots to number two on an estimated $49.8m for a $121.1m global running total. International contributed $31.3m for a $55.6m total, with number one debuts from France, Germany Mexico, Italy, and Brazil. North America stands at a disappointing $65.5m.

International box office fell by a respectable 18% and by 7% excluding China, where the film dropped by 41% during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday when local titles typically prevail to reach a low $11.1m and lead the film’s territory scoreboard after two sessions.

Placing second after an 18% climb in the second weekend is South Korea on $9.6m where the film held on to number one. Third is Mexico, where Elemental opened top on $4.6m, followed by Argentina where the animation held on to number one and has reached $3.1m.

France was next on $2.7m, followed by holdover Australia on $2.2m, Italy on $1.9m, Germany on $1.8m, Brazil on $1.5m, and Indonesia on $1.1m. Elemental is still to open in UK, Spain and Japan under Pixar’s traditional staggered release pattern.

‘The Flash’ crosses $200m worldwide

Warner Bros/DC’s The Flash followed up last weekend’s muted bow with a small $41.9m global take to elevate the cumulative total after two weekends to $210.9m, with international markets accounting for $123.3m after a $26.6m weekend haul. The film is on track to cross $100m in North America, and currently stands at $86.6m after a $15.3m opening weekend. These are the top three markets in two sessions. Brazil is fourth with $5.4m, after a $1.2m weekend. South Korea is in fifth place with $4.7m. Imax delivered $4m globally as the running total rose to $22.3m. International markets contributed $2.4m for an $11.8m cumulative gross.

‘Spider-Man: Across The Spider Verse’ soars past $550m

Sony’s Columbia Pictures

and Sony Pictures Animation’s

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse continued its impressive run to add $41.3m globally for $560.3m with $600m well within its sights.The animated hit added $22m for $243.2m internationally and has crossed $300m in North America to settle on $317.1m. It overtook the corresponding grosses of the 2018 original some time ago and for the record Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

finished on $384.3m worldwide, $194m internationally, and $190.2m in North America.Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse opened in South Korea on $3m, some 9% ahead of the original’s debut, while it delivered $1.5m in Taiwan to outperform the original by 159%. China remains the lead territory and added $2.3m over the weekend for $46.2m, followed by the UK, which earned $2.5m over the Friday-Sunday period for a $29.5m running total.

Mexico used a $1.3m session to raise its tally to $25.7m and rank third, with Australia and Brazil rounding out the top five on $16.5m ($1.4m weekend) and $11.2m ($660,000), respectively.‘No Hard Feelings’, ‘Asteroid City’ break into top 10 on global charts

Sony’s Jennifer Lawrence R-rated sex comedy

No Hard Feelings

opened in 47 territories as well as North America and planted its flag with a $9.5m haul on more than 6,380 screens. Comedy is notoriously difficult to export due to the differences in cultural norms between countries. It is no surprise that the top three markets are English-speaking or Northern European. Wes Anderson’s Asteroid city has been doing well at the box office. After last weekend’s record per-site average in North America and a strong global expansion over the weekend, the film release by Focus Features brought in $12.9m worldwide for $16.7m, placing eighth on the global weekend chart.

Opening in a further 17 international territories Anderson’s recent Cannes Competition entry debuted in the UK in third place on $1.5m from 350 sites including three days of previews, in Picturehouse, Everyman and Curzon circuits. The summer heatwave and the BBC’s free Glastonbury broadcasting would have distracted audiences, however this is a solid start that came in more than 30% ahead of the release of 2021’s

The French Dispatch excluding reviews.Signs of demand in the UK are encouraging, with arthouse circuits Picturehouse and Curzon championing

Asteroid City with multiple prints in more than half of their footprint. Cineworld, Odeon, and Vue’s strong performances ahead of the expansion this week are encouraging, as is the fact that multiplexes that also carried The French Dispatch

performed better than the earlier feature. Overall the multiplexes carrying Asteroid City exceeded their box office for The French Dispatch by 158%, albeit from a slightly wider footprint.The film earned $700,000 and 92,000 admissions including previews on 199 screens in France, where Anderson lives. This was the slowest weekend in France in terms of box office admissions. It was also the lowest Saturday in the entire year. The ensemble was released in 78 theaters, which is another record. The weekend was on par with TheFrench Dispatch and

Grand Budapest Hotel

and 71% above Isle Of Dogs excluding previews. The film ranked sixth. In addition to the record-breaking opening day in Hong Kong, the director’s second largest opening this weekend was $75,000, which is 15% more than The French Dispatch excluding the previews. A $62,000 debut in Ukraine on 130 screens ranks as the filmmaker’s biggest opening weekend, while $55,000 including previews in the Czech Republic was the second biggest Anderson opening in the market.Paramount/Skydance’s Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts crossed the $200m international mark over the weekend, adding $25.6m for $218.3m. It earned $37.2m globally to propel the running total to $341.2m.

Universal’s Fast X is nearing $700m worldwide after a $6.4m weekend haul boosted the tally to $689.3m, with $544.7m of that coming from international and $144.6m from North America in one of lowest hauls in the franchise thus far.

‘Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse’ retakes UK-Ireland box office lead from ‘The Flash’; ‘Asteroid City’ starts third

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