UK Writers’ Union joins Brussels protest to show solidarity with WGA

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Source: WGBB

Nikolaj Scherfig, Gail Renard

UK writers’ union Writers’ Guild of Great Britain (WGGB) has shown its solidarity with members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) through an impromptu protest yesterday evening (May 11) outside the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) office of the Motion Picture Association (MPA) in Brussels.

WGGB treasurer Gail Renard was one of a number of writers who took part.

Renard, who is best known for writing for children’s television, represents WGGB on the board of the Federation of Screenwriters in Europe. She was joined by Nikolaj Scherfig, screenwriter of The Bridge and chair of the Danish Writers Guild. The WGA wants better pay for TV compensation and support in dealing with the potential impact that generative A.I. on writers’ work.WGGB members were advised not to work on US projects, or risk being barred by the WGA from future membership.Renard said: “As the MPA is made up of some of the same companies as the AMPTP, it seemed the perfect opportunity to show our solidarity with our sister guild and their members in the US. Writers’ guilds and unions around the world are using their collective strength to fight the existential threat that threatens our livelihoods, which has sent our US colleagues on strike. This is only the beginning. And we’re a creative bunch, so when the MPA invited execs up on the roof to see the sunset we thought we’d spoil the view!”

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