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Venice Final Cut lab project ‘Aisha Can’t Fly Away’ by Morad Mostafa

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Venice Final Cut lab project ‘Aisha Can’t Fly Away’ by Morad Mostafa

Source: Eamonn M. McCormack / Getty Images for Film AlUla copy

Morad Mostafa

Morad Mostafa’s Aisha Can’t Fly Away is among seven projects selected for the Final Cut in Venice lab for work-in-progress titles from Africa and the Middle East.

The film, which is gearing up to shoot this summer, tells the story of a Somali woman who cares for her elderly parents while witnessing the tensions between the different groups who make up her city’s African society.

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It will be a feature debut for Egyptian filmmaker Mostafa, who was selected as a Screen Arab Star of Tomorrow last year.

Aisha Can’t Fly Away is an Egypt-Tunisia-Saudi Arabia-Qatar-France co-production, and has previously been through the Doha Film Institute’s Qumra lab.

Also selected for Final Cut in Venice is Ancestral Visions of the Future, the new docufiction feature from Mosotho filmmaker Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese, whose This Is Not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection played at Venice in 2019. Mosese’s new film is adapted from a performance art work interrogating collective identities of the pan-African community.

The Final Cut in Venice lab will run from September 1-3 as part of the Venice Production Bridge industry offering at the 81st Venice International Film Festival (August 28-September 7). The first two days are devoted to the screenings, with the third day for one-to-one meetings between the project teams and accredited professionals.

Work-in-progress copies of the seven selected films will play to producers, buyers, distributors, post-production companies and festival programmers.

The Biennale di Venezia will present a EUR5,000 prize to the best film in post-production, while over EUR100,000 of independent prizes from commercial partners is available for the selected films.

Final Cut in Venice is open to films from all African countries, and Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria.

Final Cut in Venice 2024 selection


Aisha Can’t Fly Away (Egy-Tun-Saudi-Qat-Fr) dir. Morad Mostafa

In This Darkness I See You (Leb-Fr-Qat-Saudi) dir. Nadim Tabet

My Father’s Secret (Egy-Nor-Saudi-Qat-Fr) dir. Mohamed Siam

The Prophet (Moz-S Afr). Ique LangaDocufiction

Ancestral Visions of the Future

(Fr-Ger-Les) dir. Lemohang Jeremiah MoseseYour Daughter

(Egy) dir. Sara ShazliDocumentary

Those Who Watch Over

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