Vision Films takes on female flyer action in ‘Called to Duty’ (exclusive).

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Source : Vision Films

‘Called To Duty’

Vision Films acquired Aerial action feature from production firm Cinemaddict Films.

Vision will manage international sales and release day-and-date theatrically as well as on transactional VOD platforms across the US and Canada in July.

Called to Duty centres in a squadron female Navy air show pilots – played respectively by Susannah Jane and Cabrina Colesides, Brandi Molsko, Whitney Star, Erica Seelig and Toni Ann Gisondi – who were sent into combat alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger’s father Joseph Baena.

Ashley Gibbons directs, and Henry Penzi and Sonny Goldfin are the producers.

Vision CEO, managing director Lise Romeoff said: “Vision has had tremendous success with action-adventure and audiences will love it!” It’s a win-win situation that this film not only features strong female protagonists, but also has a female filmmaker.

Goldfin said: “We are excited about taking this project to the top with Vision Films. This project has been a wonderful experience. I have always been fascinated by fighter jets. We are so happy to see it take flight.”


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