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Writers and

The WGA responded by That prompted a response from the WGA in which the union said the Hollywood companies proposals were “neither nothing, nor nearly enough”.

While AMPTP called its counter-proposals “comprehensive”, the union said many of the points were modelled on the deal struck with Directors Guild Of America in June.

The WGA provided a chart of how much it would cost each studio and streamer annually were they to accede to its demands for increased compensation, streamer residuals (where relevant) and benefits, among other things.

The example was given that these additional payments would cost Warner Bros Discovery and Disney, for example, around one-tenth of one percent, and Amazon less than one-hundredth of a percent.

Sources have told


they expected a resolution to the writers strike first so members can create scripts, before there is a deal for the actors.

It remains to be seen how that will play out, however the announcements by the parties on Thursday evening will offer encouragement at a time when many thought there would be an extended period without negotiations after August’s flurry of correspondence between the two sides.

In a separate development, a law passed by California legislators granting unemployment benefits eligibility to striking workers is now with governor Gavin Newsom for approval.

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