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Writers’ Guild of Great Britain plans UK protest to support US Strike

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The WGGB warned members in early May not to work on US-based projects during the WGA’s strike. It advised its members and all UK writers that they may be barred by the WGA from future membership if they do not comply, stating: “If you break the WGA strike by taking work in the US jurisdiction for the duration of the strike, you risk being blacklisted by the WGA which could seriously damage your long-term career.”

According to the WGGB website, if a writer has signed a contract under UK law with a streamer such as Amazon and Netflix, and the writer was already under contract at the time the strike was called, the work “is not considered struck work by the WGA”.

Some UK projects have already been impacted by the strike. Filming on Amazon Studios’ TV series

Blade Runner 2099

in Belfast delayed, with more likely to follow.

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