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Eco-Friendly Commuting: Embracing the Electric Skateboard Revolution With Twelve Board Store

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As the world seeks sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions, the demand for electric skateboards has surged, with more people opting for eco-conscious commuting alternatives.

Electric skateboards have taken the world by storm, offering a fun, efficient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. As cities become more congested and concerns about carbon emissions rise, electric skateboards provide an attractive alternative for short-distance travel. Leading the charge in this green revolution is Twelve Board Store, a premier destination for electric skateboards, longboards, skateboard accessories and more.

Twelve Board Store's curated selection of electric skateboards caters to a diverse audience, encompassing riders of all ages and skill levels. By collaborating with reputable manufacturers, the store ensures that each electric skateboard meets stringent quality standards and delivers an exceptional riding experience. As a result, customers can confidently embrace the electric skateboard revolution, knowing they are investing in a reliable and sustainable means of transportation.

The store's advocacy for eco-friendly commuting extends beyond electric skateboards. Longboards are another essential component of the eco-conscious transportation movement. Recognised for their stability and smooth rides, longboards have become a preferred choice for many commuters seeking alternatives to conventional transportation methods. Twelve Board Store offers an extensive range of longboards, designed to cater to different riding preferences and terrains, promoting sustainable commuting options for all.

At the core of the electric skateboard revolution are the skateboard decks themselves, serving as the foundation of any skateboard setup. Twelve Board Store's commitment to sustainability is evident in its selection of skateboard decks, crafted from eco-friendly materials that ensure minimal impact on the environment. This conscientious approach allows riders to enjoy their skateboarding experience while contributing to a greener planet.

As urbanisation continues to shape the world's landscapes, the need for eco-friendly commuting solutions has become more pressing than ever. Twelve Board Store's unwavering dedication to championing the electric skateboard revolution underscores its commitment to promoting a greener, more sustainable future. By providing top-quality boards, the store is at the forefront of driving positive change in the way people navigate their cities.

Join the revolution today and embrace the future of sustainable urban mobility with Twelve Board Store. For more information on eco-friendly commuting solutions, visit

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Twelve Board Store is the premier destination for skateboard and snowboard enthusiasts across Australia, offering an unrivalled selection of skate and snow gear from the world's leading brands. As a dedicated and passionate team of riders themselves, the store's mission is clear: to provide Australian riders with the best equipment and accessories to elevate their experiences on both wheels and slopes. 

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