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Limited New Loaded Chinchiller Longboards Land at Twelve Board Store

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Loaded Boards, a revered brand in the longboarding world, has released its highly anticipated Loaded Chinchiller longboards. Here's everything to know.

Leading electric skateboards, longboards, skateboard and accessories retailer Twelve Board Store is thrilled to introduce the new Loaded Chinchiller longboards to Australia. 

According to Twelve Board Store, the Chinchiller offers a compact and comfortable design, catering to riders seeking a carving and pumping board that delivers maximum fun. With its mild rocker and concave, subtle flex and easy handling, the Chinchiller ensures accessibility and intuitive maneuverability. The symmetrical shape and mellow kicks add versatility, allowing riders to incorporate freestyle and freeride elements into their daily ride.

Known for their exceptional craftsmanship, innovative designs and commitment to performance, Loaded Boards has established itself as a pioneer in the industry since its founding in 2000 by Don Tashman. The release of their first signature board, the Loaded Vanguard in 2003, catapulted them to significant acclaim. Twelve Board Store explains the groundbreaking design, featuring flexible bamboo construction, pushed the boundaries of longboard innovation and garnered a loyal following among riders of all skill levels.

Boasting a bamboo and fiberglass composite construction, the new Chinciller Board provides a lightweight and durable deck with optimal flex. Twelve Board Store says this carefully crafted combination guarantees a smooth and comfortable ride, while maintaining stability and responsiveness. The thoughtfully designed shape of the board optimizes balance and control, making it perfect for cruising, carving and executing tricks.

The Chinchiller Board offers multiple wheelbase options, allowing riders to fine-tune their setup according to their preferred riding style. Equipped with quality Paris Trucks, known for their precision and reliability, Twelve Board Store says it delivers a responsive turning radius and excellent maneuverability, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Loaded Boards has always been committed to creating visually stunning designs and the Chinchiller Board is no exception. With captivating artwork and vibrant colors, the skateboard decks stand out both on and off the road, making a bold statement wherever it goes.

As Loaded Boards continues to push the boundaries of longboarding, setting new standards for innovation and performance, Twelve Board Store anticipates these limited edition boards will soon be sold out. 

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Twelve Board Store is a leading retailer of snowboards, skateboards and longboards in Melbourne, Australia. With a commitment to providing premium products and exceptional customer service, Twelve Board Store caters to board sport enthusiasts of all levels. 

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Original Source: Limited New Loaded Chinchiller Longboards Land at Twelve Board Store
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